Hijaz Exclusive Oils

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are easiest and most effective way to wear a fragrance. Oils are less harmful to the skin than alcohol based perfumes and last much longer. Oils can be used on your clothes or skin and will work harder when you do. Oils are absorbed by skin while alcohol perfumes make the skin dry. Oils can also be applied to hair without making your scalp dry and flakey. Our oils come from all over the world and are made from natural ingredients like tree bark, flower, leaves and fruits.

Our oils come in two primary types: Oud and Attar. Attar is common in most South Asian countries because of the variety of flowers which grow in those regions. Attar is made from flowers and their natural oils and aroma, giving a lighter and more flowery smell. Oud is made from the barks of trees in the Middle East and North Africa which are extracted and distilled the same way as flowers. However, Oud gives a much more robust and rustic smell that is more commonly used by men. However, there is no gender specificity and all these oils can be used by anyone who chooses!

How to Make Fragrance Oils Last Longer:

Oils are essential to our body. Our skin is constantly covered in Oil. This is how we protect against harm from pathogens and also some forms of radiation. Oils are also how are skin stays moisturized during hot days. Oil is also quickly absorbed by skin. The best way to make fragrance oils last longer, is by practicing good hygiene. After a shower, first, moisturize your skin using lotion or body oils. Apply a drop of fragrance oil to your hand and massage into your arm, neck and shoulder. You do not need a lot. When your skin is moisturized, your pores will stay closed longer, allowing the fragrance oil to stay longer without being diluted. Practice regular skin for more consistent results.