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About Us

Thank you for visiting! Our goal is to encourage diversity and spread cultural awareness by bringing high quality products from around the world into one store. From Clothing to Groceries, we are your one stop shop for all your cultural needs. By bringing all the ethnic goods together, we cater to those who come from other parts of the world. We also provide a way for others to experience new cultures and people.

“Al-Hijaz”, also called “Hejaz” or “The Western Province”, is the original name of the most culturally influential region in the Middle East. This area is the most populated region of the Arabian peninsula and encompasses the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Hejaz changed the momentum of civilization centuries ago. The historical events which took place in this region would redefine art, fashion, religion, politics, architecture, travel, technology and much more.

We at Hijaz intend to carry on the tradition of the name by changing the way you shop. Hijaz isn’t just an average department store. Hijaz is your cultural department store; catering to a broad range of backgrounds from the East Asia to West Africa and beyond. We carry traditional and contemporary clothing including Kufis, Thobes, Kurtas, Kaftan, Abayas, Hijabs, you name it. We also carry Exclusive fragrances and body oils. These scented oils are alcohol free and last the entire day. Incenses and Bakhoor are also available with a wide range of incense burners to choose from. Jewelry, Clothing. Home decor, Fragrances. Health and Beauty and Books are just some examples of the range of products we manage. We appreciate and admire everyone’s cultures and we want to help you be the best you.

Hijaz is also the place to buy groceries for ethnic cuisine. We find high quality ingredients that give your dish the authentic aroma and flavor you want. Dates, Lentils, Flour and other top shelf inventory are easy to find and shop for in our store. Hijaz, with the help of Usra Foods, provide the best dates straight from the source. The highest quality ajwa, sukkari, medjool and others, which are a staple of tradition all over the world. We also provide recipes to get you cooking the dishes that you always wanted to try but couldn’t find.

Our business well exceeds just providing a place to shop. All of us at Hijaz come from a diverse background. We understand what makes you who you are. We also understand how it can be difficult, sometimes, to be yourself or to practice your beliefs. However, being cultured shouldn’t be a hassle, and that’s why we do what we do. hopes to provide a meaningful destination to shop, study and experience the richness and diversity the world has to offer. Not only does our site make it easier to buy our products but it gives you the peace of mind in knowing that it will always be the best. Your satisfaction is our priority.

From of all of us at Hijaz, Thank you
And remember, Get Cultured
400 East Arrowhead Drive
Charlotte NC 28213
Phone: 704-597-8089 (Mon - Fri 9 AM To 5 Pm)
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