Brown Long Sleeve Casual Thobe with Tan Chest Thawb

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Brown Long Sleeve Casual Thobe with Tan Chest Thawb

Unique comfortable and stylish men's brown and cream color thobe Jubba Dishdasha with long sleeves. Thobe measures 52 inch Long, 42 inch Chest, 16 inch Shoulder, 23 inch Sleeves and 16 inch Collar. Lounge thobes are comfortable everyday wear coverings for Muslims who are active and on-the-go. Wear them over you shorts on a long day or after a game of basketball. Stylish, affordable and comfortable. These thobes ALL measure 54 in width for chest and waist so they can fit almost anyone comfortably. Please select the appropriate size by choosing your preferred length in inches. For example: If your height is 60 in, and you prefer to show your ankles, you would select size 58 so that the thobe is 2 inches less than your height. If you have any questions please contact us and we will help you. Thank You for shopping Hijaz.

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